2014 Art Contest Deadline Approaching (12/23)

Last call, artists – the art contest for the 2014-15 edition of Collab (Volume 43) is down to its final week. We’ve already received lots of great entries, but we’d love to see even more of them. Please email your art submissions to bhscollab@bpsk12.org – there is no limit to the number of submissions that you can enter.

If you wish to bring in a piece for consideration, bring it to Mr. Lally in room 200.

The top entries will be the featured images on our Volume 43 magazine, the BHS British Literature and the BHS American Literature textbooks next year.

The contest closes at the end of the school day on Tuesday, December 23. Good luck!

2015 Final Thoughts Contest is NOW OPEN

The 2015 Final Thoughts Writing Contest is now open for submissions!

This annual contest is our biggest writing contest of the year, and features our best prizes.

The Final Thoughts Contest is only open to seniors, who may submit as many pieces as they wish. The submissions can be in any genre (short fiction, poetry, essays, lyrics, translations, etc), and the top entry will be commemorated on our plaque in the English hallway.

YOU Could Be Our Next Winner!

YOU Could Be Our Next Winner!

The winner will also receive $40 in iTunes cards. First runner-up will receive a $25 discount from the senior prom, while the second runner-up earns a $15 discount from the Yearbook. Any senior who wishes to enter his or her original work may do so by leaving the submissions in the box outside of the Collab Room in the English hall, or by emailing them to Mr. Lally at lally@bpsk12.org

There is no restriction on the number of submissions a student may submit, and the deadline for submissions is January 26, 2015. After January 26, we will not be accepting any further submissions for our 2015 magazine.

Good luck, seniors!

Two Brief Updates

First of all, we wanted to give an extra shout-out to sophomore Yaju Tuladhar who was recently seen in BHS sporting her brand-new American Gods t-shirt from Out of Print Clothing, which she won for coming in first in our short fiction contest … check it out!

2014-11-25 12.31.28


You’re probably envious, but don’t worry – Collab will be teaming up with Out of Print once again this spring, and we’ll have another fundraiser / discount for anyone who wants to buy one of their excellent shirts. Check out their men’s and women’s lines, and start putting together your shopping list…

We also regret to announce that due to low interest, we will be canceling our two recent contests. Stay tuned for the 2015 Final Thoughts Contest in January though!

Volume 42 – Selling Out

Volume 42 of Collab is selling out! We are down to our final seven copies of the magazine, which features the best artwork, poetry, and short stories created and selected by BHS students. The magazine costs $10, and we only run one printing per volume, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. For samples of some of the pieces featured in Volume 42, click on the Highlights tab above.

To purchase a copy, see Mr. Lally, see one of our Head Editors* or pick one up at True North Coffee. Thanks for your support!

2014-15 Head Editors: Neil Ford (Class of ’17), Jill Sullivan (’17), Havanah Becker (’16), or Kavya Sebastian (’16)

The 2014-15 Art Contest is now open for submissions

The 2014-15 Collab Art Contest is now accepting submissions. We accept any medium, and students may submit as many pieces as they wish. To submit, send a digital copy of your work to bhscollab@bpsk12.org or bring your artwork to Mr. Lally. The contest will remain open until December 23, the day before winter vacation.

The top entry will win a gift card to Orange Leaf, and will also be the cover artwork for volume 43. The best remaining pieces from a junior and a sophomore will be the cover artwork for next year’s British Literature and American Literature textbooks, respectively.

Please see Mr. Lally or your art teacher with any questions. Good luck!

2014 Short Story Winner: Clueless by Yaju Tuladhar (an excerpt)

She’s mad at me.

I don’t know why. I don’t even remember how. It’s just one of those fights, you know? Where you fight over something so stupid and small but your pride and ego gets in the way and suddenly it’s tug-of-war with your feelings until one of you breaks and apologizes? Yeah, I’d say that’s what’s happening. Love is complicated, I guess.

Marissa sits as far as she can from me on the couch. Her face is solemn and she is watching the television—I don’t know what she’s staring so intently at, it’s on a damn commercial.  She hasn’t spoke to me since forever.

“Hey,” I say, looking at her. She barely looks at me. “Hey, I’m sorry, okay? I love you. I don’t even know what we were fighting about.”

I must’ve said the wrong thing because she doesn’t even nod or give me any sign that she isn’t mad anymore. No “it’s okay, babe!” or “I’m sorry too, Leon”. I sigh. I’m getting tired of this. I wish back in college I just went out like my friends and got unattached to girls and just partied, but no, I had to decide to go get coffee and do my term paper that specific day. I had to sit by the window and have this cute girl reading her thick book sitting a table away. I just had to fall in love with her, didn’t I?

“Okay, I get it. You’re mad. I’m sorry that you’re mad and I’m an idiot. Please let me off now,” I try again. She barely blinks. And suddenly she stands and shuts off the television, eyes starting to water and all, and she goes off into our bedroom. Okay, let me correct that. Her bedroom since I can’t find my clothes or things anywhere in there anymore. She’s officially kicked me out of there.

Girls are so damn complicated. They want you to say you’re an idiot and when you do, they just ignore you. But it’s okay. We’ve had worse fights.

I sleep on the couch that night.

Surprisingly the next day, I have no back pains, which is pretty surprising because I always do on the couch. Marissa continues to ignore me. She walks by me and acts like I’m not even there. I know I should do something—buy her flowers, get her chocolate—but I’m angry now too.

At night, I hear her crying in bed. It’s loud and I know she’s doing it on purpose. I feel bad. I really do. But, I don’t want to go in there and have her yell at me for coming in and then get more mad at me. I don’t know what to do anymore. We keep going in circles.

On Sunday, the home phone rings and before I can get it, Marissa jogs over to it—completely ignoring me, by the way—and picks it up. “Hello?” she says. “Hey, Kelly.”

She sounds sad and depressed even if her best friend is calling. I know she’s trying to make me feel bad. She wants me to know it’s my doing that is making her so unhappy. She wants me to get on my knees and beg my life for her to forgive me. Well, not happening. I always apologize. It’s always me. She gets to be angry and throw objects at me but I can’t be angry at her?

Kelly and Marissa talk for a while and eventually I stop listening.  I do hear bits and pieces like how Kelly will be over tomorrow with food and rented movies to cheer Marissa up. They’re ganging up on me, I swear.

2014 Short Story Contest Winners Announced

The judging of the 2014 Short Story Contest has wrapped, and we wish to announce the top three winners:

In third place, winning a $5 gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts, is Lorraine Kanyike for her story, Georgie Has Fallen.

Our runner up this year, earning a $10 iTunes gift card, is Anjali Seereeram for Youth.

And our contest winner this year is sophomore Yaju Tuladhar, whose Clueless stood out as the best short story that we received. For her story, Yaju wins a t-shirt of her choosing from Out of Print Clothing!

Congratulations to our three winners! We look forward to showcasing their work in this year’s magazine! And thank you to all of you who entered!

Two New Writing Contests

Collab wishes to announce the opening of two new writing contests:

Poetry Contest: Create a poem (any length, any style), that is in some way a response to a song. Your submission can be a poem that borrows a title or some of its lyrics from a song, or it can literally be a written response to lyrical content or to the performer.

Fiction Contest: Write a monologue or a short play

The deadline for both contests is DECEMBER 1 – Good luck!

Collab Wishes to Congratulate Amy Poehler on her Return to Publishing

Famous BHS alumna Amy Poehler just published her first full-length book, Yes, Please, which came out this week. The editing staff at Collab would like to congratulate Ms. Poehler on returning to publishing her written work after a lengthy absence.

The Collab editing staff has a long history of recognizing literary talent, and here is proof – Ms. Poehler’s short story Fatal Visit was selected for Volume 14 of Collab back when Ms. Poehler was in the 8th grade at Marshall Simonds. And now, she’s the author of a non-fiction title that is sure to reach the top of the NYTimes bestsellers list. Collab: Where Dreams Begin.

As a show of good will, Collab wishes to relinquish first publishing rights of Fatal Visit, and if Ms. Poehler should choose to include it in a future collection, we entirely encourage it. We wish Ms. Poehler all the best in her future written endeavors.

2014-10-29 08.31.17

2014 Poetry Contest Winner – Lonely by Julia Rabazzi

by Julia Rabazzi

Alone is not always lonely, and
lonely is not always alone
Never have I felt more lonely than when standing in a crowd of people
wanting only
to drown myself
in an imaginary world
or playing my favorite game–
pretending maybe somebody will notice me here
pretending I could gather up the courage to talk to a person besides my friend
pretending maybe I could lose all self-consciousness and just dance like nobody else is there
But I am not that person–
The person I wish I could be,
I hope I could one day be.
Instead I will stand in the corner
too scared to put myself out there,
too scared of what others will think of me
too scared of change.
Instead I will stand all alone surrounded by people
Where I am at my loneliest.


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