Collab Opens Four Contests – Art AND Writing

Collab is excited to open four contests for submissions.

2015 Art Contest

The first is our annual art contest. Students are invited to submit their own original artwork – any medium, and any number of submissions – for consideration for our 2016 magazine. The top entry will be the cover image for our magazine, and the top remaining entries by a junior and a sophomore will be the covers of our annual British Literature and American Literature textbooks, respectively, next year. Please submit a digital image of the artwork to, or bring your work to Mr. Lally in room 316. The deadline is December 23, the day before Winter Vacation.

2015 Art Contest – Special Theme

For the first time this year, we are creating a special themed contest for our artists. Any work that reflects either on Personal Identity or Anti-Hatred (racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, etc) will be entered in a sub-contest. The winner will receive a prize and will be featured in our magazine. If you are submitting to this contest, please indicate so in your email to, or tell Mr. Lally when you bring him your work in room 316. The deadline is December 23, the day before Winter Vacation.

Fiction Contest

Write a story that either begins or ends with the line, “He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her” – the deadline is Friday, December 11.

Poetry Contest

Write a poem that uses no more than 140 characters (do not count the title, punctuation, or spaces). The deadline is Friday, December 11. 

Good Luck!

Congratulations, Rebekah Aran

Congratulations to senior Rebekah Aran, who won our 2015 short story contest with her entry, “Strictly Business,” an eerie and engaging tale. For her win, Rebekah has earned a free t-shirt from Out of Print Clothing, a company that makes excellent literary-themes shirts and merchandise.

Our runner up this year was sophomore Laura Harder for her story, The Long and Kind of Tedious Life of Natalie. This will be Laura’s first appearance in Collab. Congratulations to both!

2015 Poetry Contest Winners

Collab is excited to announce the winners of its 2015 Poetry Writing Contest. We had nearly over sixty entries, which is a huge number – more than we normally receive for our poetry contests. As always, the editors had a difficult time with selecting their top three, as this year’s entries had a much greater range than we can recall from years past. Among our final five poems were poems that were humorous, visually engaging, rich with wonderful imagery, clever, and thought-provoking. Many stood out for being particularly skilled in one way or another.

This year’s winners are…
In third place, with her poem, “Gossip” is senior Sarah Iler.
This year’s runner up is junior Crystal Curran for “Wanting Faith”
And our contest winner, earning her a $25 gift card to True North cafe is “A Letter to Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt” by junior Aysha Afzal
Congratulations Aysha, Crystal, and Sarah, and thank you to all who entered! Stay tuned for Aysha’s poem on this website!

2015 Short Story Contest is Now Open

Alongside our current poetry contest, Collab is pleased to open our annual short story contest. Any BHS student may submit his or her own original stories of any length, any genre, any topic. The best entries will be considered for publication in our Volume 44, due out in the spring of 2016. The deadline for the contest is October 23, and students may submit their stories to – students can also bring submissions to Mr. Lally in room 316, or into the submission box outside of the Collab Room(room 312).

We are also excited to announce that this year’s winner will once again earn a FREE t-shirt from Out Of Print Clothing, a company that makes excellent literary-themed clothing and gear. Here’s a sample of their work:

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Good luck, authors!

2015 Collab Has Sold Out!

Last night at our Back to School Night, we sold off the last remaining copies of Volume 43 of Collab. A few copies remain at True North, and we may have a few copies that are out with out editing staff, but other than that, they’re gone! Thank you to all of you who supported our magazine with your purchase, and thank you to head editors Neil Ford, Havanah Becker, and Kavya Sebastian for their work at the sales table!

Next on our agenda:

We are awaiting the results of the 2015 ASPA and NCTE contests, which ought to be announced in December or January.

We are also beginning the process of putting together Volume 44, the 2016 edition of the magazine. If you wish to be a part of our editing staff, stop by room 312 after school on Fridays – we hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for more writing contests as well.

2015 Poetry Contest: Now Accepting Submissions

The school year is back in full swing, and Collab wishes to welcome you all back. We also wish to announce the opening of the first of our writing contests: Our annual poetry contest.

Any BHS student may submit his or her own original poetry to the submission box outside of room 312. The submissions are made anonymous, and our student editors will determine the top entries. The best poem we receive will earn a $25 gift card to True North in Burlington. Our other prizes include a free copy of the 2015-16 edition ($10 value) and a beverage at Starbucks or True North.

The deadline is Thursday, October 1.

Poems can be any length, any subject material, and any quantity. Although students may submit any number of poems, they will only be eligible for one of our prizes.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your poems!