Needles and Carnations by Kerri Biagiotti

Here the life and laughter never cease
Come with us; your old life falls to pieces
Hush, don’t speak, better your life instantly
You’ll fit the mold, and adapt brilliantly.
Delusion your friend; fantasy your home,
Forget all of the things you have been shown.
There’s no feeling like this. Of that I’m sure.
Passion and bliss, this life becomes a blur.
Don’t think about the pain. Now you are here
In our dream world you’ll find nothing to fear.
But this is a gamble; I can’t promise you’ll win.
You’ll only feel numb once it pierces your skin.
Fun withers to fake. Confused, you have lost.
Chained to this new life, you can’t bear the cost
To change. No, it’s too hard. Stay here, you will,
To replenish that love, your next big thrill.
So keep calm and relax, it’s all in good fun.
And don’t you dare stop to think of what you’ve begun.

This poem won Collab’s 2012 Final Thoughts Contest


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