2012 Editors’ Choice Awards

One final round of accolades from the 2012 Collab – the Editors’ Choice Awards. Starting this year, our head editors will select one poem and one short story that struck them as exemplary work and give credit to those pieces within our magazine. The decisions are in, and our Editors’ Choice winners this year are:


Listening by Julia Roberto


“Purely Opposite” by Jill Daniels

Congratulations! (Continue below for excerpts)


FROM Listening by Julia Roberto

“Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I sort of laugh to myself whenever I hear this question. It’s just funny because it’s one of those questions that changes meaning as the years go on. When you’re young, it’s totally acceptable to say “astronaut” or “ballerina.” As you got a little bit older, people will accept things like “doctor” or “baseball player” because at least that’s a bit more realistic, right?

But what exactly are you supposed to say when you’re staring down your psychiatrist and your future is anything but clear?


FROM “Purely Opposite” by Jill Daniels

… Pain
Retreating into oblivion
As nothing seems legitimate
At endless developments
Across endless death
Along endless roads
To revisit old frontiers


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