2012 Poetry Contest Winners

The results of the 2012 Collab poetry contest are in, and the winners run as follows:

In third place was Kylie Scott’s poem titled “Waiting

Our runner-up this year was Samantha Healey with her Shakespearean sonnet, “Wavering

And our winner in this year’s contest was Billy Restivo’s “Ant,” a limerick-sequence poem about power and limitation. Scroll down to read the award-winning poem.

We had over forty entries this year, which is nearly double what we had last year, and our final decision was very difficult. Thank you to all who participated.

Also, a reminder that the 2012 short story contest is still open – the deadline is Monday at midnight. If you wish to submit your original stories, see Mr. Lally, or put your stories in the submissions box outside the Collab room.

And now, we present Mr. Restivo’s winning piece.



A lion stood lordly and grand,
Said, “I am the king of this land;
You’ll do as I say,
And spend all of your days
Obeying my every command.”

But an elephant challenged his claim,
For he wanted no part of such game,
Said, “Lion, you fool,
I am bigger than you.
Don’t stand in the way of my reign.”

As a cheetah leapt forth on a whim,
And spat through a merciless grin,
“I suggest you take heed
Of my God-given speed,
Or I’ll tear you apart limb from limb.”

A croc sneered aloud and replied
By stretching his mouth open wide.
He said, rather bluntly,
“I’m awfully hungry.
So I suggest you all step aside.”

But perched on a small mound of soil,
An ant stood willing to toil.
He was not one to hunt,
He was not one to run.
To his work he forever stayed loyal.

And amidst the complete disarray,
This ant stood proudly to say,
“‘Tis better to die,
Or be crushed where I lie,
Than not to carry my weight.”


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