Now Open, Our Annual Art Contest, PLUS an additional writing contest

Our annual art contest is now underway! All students who are interested in submitting their original artwork for publication in the 2013 edition of Collab are encouraged to send us your very best. Some notes:

  • We accept any media – INCLUDING Short film, 3D artwork and animation (NEW THIS YEAR!)
  • Multiple submissions encouraged, these will be judged anonymously
  • The winner will be featured on the cover of our magazine this year
  • Top entry from a junior will be our cover image for next years British Literature textbook, the top sophomore entry will be on the American Literature book.
  • Submit to or bring your submissions to Mr. Lally (rm 200) – Please note, digital submissions, whether hand-delivered or emailed, are GREATLY PREFERRED

We aim this year to unveil our first print/online hybrid edition of the magazine, which allows us to seek submissions in media that have traditionally been closed to a print magazine. As stated above, if you have any SHORT FILMS, ANIMATED PIECES, or 3-D ARTWORK, your submissions will be eligible for publication in our 2013 digital magazine.

Artists, feel free to grab one of the tabs from the posters you will find around the school, or in your English or Art teacher’s classroom. This contest will run until Friday, December 21st, the final day before Winter Vacation.


We are also offering a dual contest for our writers, both of which carry with them a challenge. (Winner of each contest will receive a $15 gift card to True North

FICTION: Write a story that is no longer than 200 words. You may write about any topic, but the story must be completely finished in 200 words or fewer.

POETRY: Write a poem (any style, any length) that uses at least SEVEN of the following words:

(you may change the endings if you need to)

The writing contests will both close on November 26th, the first Monday back from Thanksgiving break. Good luck!


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