2013 Final Thoughts Winners

Our judges have finished their deliberations, and the results are in for the 2013 Final Thoughts Contest, the writing contest open only to seniors. This year, we had a record number of entries into the contest, which led to a strong collection of the top pieces.

Coming in third place this year was Danielle Calder‘s short story, “Wasted Time” – a short story about a relationship that falls apart in a public place, and the unsettling effect that it has on the people nearby. Danielle earned a $15 discount for her 2013 Yearbook

Our runner-up this year was Katie Hubbard, for her chilling short story, “Mr. Malson” – a suspenseful piece that slowly unveils a dark and sinister secret. For her story, Katie receives a $25 discount to the 2013 prom.

And our winner this year was Marissa Coté for her short story “White Herring” – a touching piece that reflect on the passing of time, and the loss of tranquility that often comes with age. This story will be posted on this site – stay tuned! Marissa earned a $30 Hess gas card for her fiction, and her name will be added to the plaque in the English hall, commemorating her victory.

Congratulations to our three winners! Their pieces were truly exceptional.


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