Collab Volume 41 is Being Printed! Thank You to InstantPublisher!

As of today, our annual magazine is going through the process of being printed and shipped out to us. This means we may have the magazine ready to distribute before April break, which is nearly a month earlier than we accomplished last year! As always, we are printing a limited amount, and once they sell out, they won’t be reprinted. Two of the last three years have sold out, so feel free to reserve one with one of our editors or with Mr. Lally. The cost is $10.

Collab wishes to thank and endorse InstantPublisher, the company that we have used for the past four years in creating our magazine. If you are putting together a portfolio of work, especially artists, we cannot recommend anyone better. We had never been able to print our artwork in color when we used other publishers in the past, because the cost became prohibitive, and we could not afford it. Of all of the recent and numerous changes to our magazine, we are most proud of our ability to show off our selected artwork in all of its richness.


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