Download a Free Sample Copy of the 2013 Collab

Attention Burlington Students!

We have made a sample edition of our 2013 edition of Collab available for use on the iPad, and we’re offering it for a free download. We are trying to work out a way to email this book directly to you through our bps121 system, but for now, if you open this page on your iPad, you can download a copy into your iBooks shelf by doing the following:


2) If necessary, sign in to your bps account

3) Click on the black arrow that shows up underneath “Collab Sample” on the following page

4) Hit “Download” in the lower-right corner

5) Select “Open in iBooks”

And that’s all!

We hope you enjoy this selection of pieces from this year’s magazine, and if you hold your iPad horizontally, you’ll also be able to see the artwork that we’ve included.


The Collab Staff

PS: If there are any technical difficulties with this download – if these directions are inaccurate, or if the magazine doesn’t download correctly – please contact Mr. Lally right away.


One thought on “Download a Free Sample Copy of the 2013 Collab

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