Final Tally from Out of Print Fundraiser

Collab is VERY excited to report that our recent fundraiser through Out of Print Clothing earned us over $940, which is far greater than our wildest imaginings. A great THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser by purchasing their gear!

Sometime soon, possibly at the end of this week, we will take photos after school of all of the students and staff in their Out of Print gear (or showing off their cool iPhone cases, iPad covers, etc). Stay tuned to the announcements!

And to close, we would like to share this note, which we received from Laura C. from Out of Print

I know this money is going to go a long way in producing your wonderful magazine.  We are so proud to support great organizations like yours that encourage young writers whose book covers might end up on our shirts one day!  
Thank you so much to Out of Print for their help! And we look forward to sharing our photos with you!

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