2014 Final Thoughts Contest is OPEN

The sixth annual Final Thoughts Contest is now open for submissions.

This is our annual contest that is open only to seniors, and the prizes are the largest that we offer for any of our contests all year. Seniors may submit their original work – any style or writing, any topic – into the competition. (We have recently learned that the title of the contest has led some to believe that the entries must have something to do with finality, or senior year, etc. THEY DO NOT! You may write about anything you wish). All entries will be eligible for publication in our 2014 Collab, and this year’s prizes are:

Top Prize: Inclusion on our commemorative plaque in the English hallway, a special write-up from one of our head editors, and $40 in iTunes cards

1st Runner Up: A $25 discount to the senior prom

2nd Runner Up: A $15 discount for the Class of 2014 yearbook*

Please send your submissions to bhscollab@bpsk12.org, or leave them in the submissions box outside of the Collab room. Students may submit as many pieces as they wish, and we look forward to reading your entries. Good luck!

Final Thoughts Poster

* = If you have already paid for this, then you will receive a $15 refund


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