LAST CALL – Three Contests Close Tomorrow

One final reminder – if you were going to submit your own original work to our art, non-fiction, or humor contests, you have until the end of the school day TOMORROW (Friday, December 20) to do so. Submissions are really starting to come in for all three contests, but we are very pleased to announce that our art contest has now received over 200 submissions! This is only the fifth year of the school-wide art contest, but only 2 years ago, we were still receiving fewer than 100 submissions. Thank you again to the BHS Art Department, and especially to the artists who have shared their work with us! We expect to have final decisions on artwork made before midterms.

ALSO: An important note – Seniors – if you submit to either writing contest from 12/18 to 12/20, the submission will count toward EITHER the subject-specific contests OR the Final Thoughts Contest, but NOT BOTH. And we will presume that you are entering the non-fiction or humor contest unless you specifically tell us otherwise.

Good luck!


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