2013-14 Art Contest Winner

The winner of this year’s art contest is Shabina Wigneswaran, for her painting titled “Never Let Me Go,” edging out Irina Grigoryeva’s impressive ink drawing titled, “In the Midst of a War″. Our art contest this year gathered 225 entries, which is nearly 100 more than we had last year. Just two years ago, we had just under 100 submissions to our magazine. Because of this spike in submissions, we have been forced to become much more selective about our artwork, and getting artwork into the magazine has never been more of a challenge. We look forward to presenting the collection of artistic works in our magazine this year.

Shabina’s piece will be the cover image of our magazine this year. Congratulations to Shabina for her excellent work. And here is her piece, “Never Let Me Go”


Collab is now closed for art submissions for 2013-14


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