Sophomore Michaela LaPrise Wins Collab Humor Writing Contest

Congratulations to sophomore Michaela LaPrise, who recently won this year’s Collab Humor Writing contest. Her entry, 9 Ways to Raise an Obedient Dog – by Princess is a satirical look at self-help guides, and perhaps even the misguided ways that we rear our own children. Attached here is an excerpt from the sage advice offered by the canine narrator:

8) Have Your Dog Help Around the House

With independence comes responsibility. By giving your dog 3-5 chores a day, they will understand the results of hard work and ambition. Science says a dog’s brain is as smart as an eight-year-old human brain. Meaning dogs are fully capable of folding sheets and washing the kitchen floor. Dogs that help clean their homes have more respect for their home. If your dog used to have addicts, a chore chart will certainly solve the problem. 

With the win, Michaela earned a $15 gift card to Orange Leaf Yogurt, and this piece will be featured in our 2014 edition of the magazine – Congratulations, Michaela!

Stay tuned for the winners of our Non-Fiction Contest, and our Final Thoughts Contest for seniors!


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