Collab Wishes to Congratulate Amy Poehler on her Return to Publishing

Famous BHS alumna Amy Poehler just published her first full-length book, Yes, Please, which came out this week. The editing staff at Collab would like to congratulate Ms. Poehler on returning to publishing her written work after a lengthy absence.

The Collab editing staff has a long history of recognizing literary talent, and here is proof – Ms. Poehler’s short story Fatal Visit was selected for Volume 14 of Collab back when Ms. Poehler was in the 8th grade at Marshall Simonds. And now, she’s the author of a non-fiction title that is sure to reach the top of the NYTimes bestsellers list. Collab: Where Dreams Begin.

As a show of good will, Collab wishes to relinquish first publishing rights of Fatal Visit, and if Ms. Poehler should choose to include it in a future collection, we entirely encourage it. We wish Ms. Poehler all the best in her future written endeavors.

2014-10-29 08.31.17


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