Jillian Sullivan Wins the 2015 Collab Art Contest

Congratulations to sophomore Jillian Sullivan, who earned first place in the 2015 Collab Art contest. Her work will be featured on the cover of our volume 43 magazine, due out this spring. Check out an excerpt of her winning artwork – great job, Jillian! This marks the first time in the six-year history of the contest that a sophomore has won.

This year, we had over 150 submissions to our contest, and we will soon have an announcement declaring the pieces that will be the cover artwork for the 2015-16 British Literature and American Literature textbooks at BHS, which will be the top-voted submissions from a current junior, and a current sophomore, respectively. We will also soon determine which art submissions will be included in volume 43. Stay tuned! We had a lot of truly excellent work submitted to us this year, and it has been a pleasure to view them. Thank you to all of you who submitted your work.

And here is an excerpt of Jillian’s award-winning piece (pardon the blurriness of the photograph – a higher-quality photo is already underway):

2015-01-05 18.28.40


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