The 2015 Collab (Volume 43) is HERE!

The 2015 edition of Collab is here – and this is the earliest we’ve ever been able to announce that!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, the cost is $10. Between now and April 15, if you bring in a receipt from Out of Print Clothing of at least $25, you will receive a $5 discount for Volume 43.

To buy a copy, please visit our sales table at lunch, or see Mr. Lally in the English hall. You can also ask our head editing staff of: Havanah Becker, Neil Ford, Kavya Sebastian, and Jill Sullivan, who will be able to get you a copy as well.

You can also click on the link in the header of this page, where you can purchase a copy with your credit card (no charge for shipping).

And most important, congratulations to the staff for turning out another excellent magazine, and to the students whose work makes this magazine what it is!

2015-03-31 13.13.35


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