2015 Collab – Selling fast!

We’ve had our editions of Volume 43 for less than 3 weeks and we’re amazed at how quickly it is selling out! We’ve already sold two-thirds of our copies of the magazine, and when they’ve sold out, they’re gone forever! If you are interested in getting a copy before they are gone, there are three ways you can buy one:

1) See Mr. Lally or one of our Head Editors during the school day

2) Click on the PURCHASE tab on the top of this page – you’ll go to our online storefront, where you can buy a copy with a credit card (free shipping!)

3) Go to True North in Burlington – they have copies for sale, and they also have amazing blueberry muffins.

The cost is $10.

Recent accolades for Collab:
2014 NCTE Superior Rating – nominated for Highest Award in MA (highest-ranked student literary magazine in the state)
2014 ASPA First Place Rating (ranked #2 in Massachusetts)


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