Collab Opens Four Contests – Art AND Writing

Collab is excited to open four contests for submissions.

2015 Art Contest

The first is our annual art contest. Students are invited to submit their own original artwork – any medium, and any number of submissions – for consideration for our 2016 magazine. The top entry will be the cover image for our magazine, and the top remaining entries by a junior and a sophomore will be the covers of our annual British Literature and American Literature textbooks, respectively, next year. Please submit a digital image of the artwork to, or bring your work to Mr. Lally in room 316. The deadline is December 23, the day before Winter Vacation.

2015 Art Contest – Special Theme

For the first time this year, we are creating a special themed contest for our artists. Any work that reflects either on Personal Identity or Anti-Hatred (racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, etc) will be entered in a sub-contest. The winner will receive a prize and will be featured in our magazine. If you are submitting to this contest, please indicate so in your email to, or tell Mr. Lally when you bring him your work in room 316. The deadline is December 23, the day before Winter Vacation.

Fiction Contest

Write a story that either begins or ends with the line, “He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her” – the deadline is Friday, December 11.

Poetry Contest

Write a poem that uses no more than 140 characters (do not count the title, punctuation, or spaces). The deadline is Friday, December 11. 

Good Luck!


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