Support Collab’s Annual Out Of Print Clothing Fundraiser

Volume 44 of Collab has gone to the printers and is due sometime in the next few weeks. Pre-Sales of the magazine will begin after vacation – see Mr. Lally, or stop by our sales table at lunch.

We are excited to announce that once again, Out of Print Clothing will be hosting a fundraiser to support Collab’s writing contests. Out of Print is an online company that specializes in t-shirts, tote bags, necklaces and other merchandise based on classic literature. From April 25th to May 9th, if you enter BURLINGTON as a coupon code, then 30% of all of your purchase will go to support Collab. 

Where to enter coupons_giftcards

Here’s a sample collection of their t-shirts, including some of their newer additions:



Be sure to check out their selection of baby gear, their necklaces, their tote bags, socks, etc. There’s a ton of great stuff on this page. If you are interested in purchasing something to support Collab, please wait until Monday, April 25, when our fundraiser becomes active. Thanks!


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