Ama Asamoah (Class of ’17) wins the 2016 Collab Poetry Contest

Senior Ama Asamoah took first place in our annual poetry contest this year and earned a $25 gift card to True North in Burlington. This will mark her first entry into our literary magazine, and the editors were very impressed with her poem, titled Neglect, Regret, and Reflect on the Black Roots. You can read her winning poem on this webpage. Congratulations, Ama!

Our runner-up this year was Benny Grubner for his poem titled Who’s Hatin’ Now? Benny, also a senior, will be making his Collab debut with this poem, although he was also recognized for his writing last year in the Scholastic Writing Awards.

Our third-place winner was Sidra Afzal for her poem Verbal Abuse. This marks Sidra’s second-straight year being published in our magazine.

Congratulations to all three finalists, and thank you to all who entered!


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