Neglect, Regret, and Reflect on the Black Roots by Ama Asamoah

Curls and coils surrounded by the straight

Left out in the purified world
Incapable of integrating with the commoners
Desperately wishing to fit in
Willingful to endure pain for change

Multiple hands attacking the nappy beast
Clear droplet upon the scalp temporarily reduced the grip
Tugs, pulls, and yanks from the metal comb
Puffs of hair hit the ground
Tears and yelps released to the open
Disposal of excuses for an escape
Swivels away from the malicious hands
Blades found in the young executioner’s grip
Clumps of lifeless coils staggered across the tiles
“Ama, what did you do to your beautiful hair?”

Long curls and coils resurrected
Still surrounded by the straight
Constant begs for the transition to purification
Many nos and maybes but finally a yes
Finally granted a chance for acceptance

Thick white paste splattered on the black roots
Scalp sizzling, curls unraveling
Quiet tears from the burning sensation
The thick curls and coils transitioned into straight silky strands
The tears replaced with a grateful smile

Daily and repetitive strokes from the scorching hot iron
The slightly curled follicles steamed to death for approval
Smiles as the strands easily transcended down the comb
But, eye contact with the person of the unknown stole the happiness
Who was I?

12 inch straight strands fell gracefully to the ground
The reflective mirage of the unknown became familiar
The curls and coils sprung to life
“Ama, what happened to your hair?”
Her matured hands clenched the silver shears and said “I made it beautiful again.”


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