2017 Final Thoughts Winners

Collab wishes to announce the winners of the 2017 Final Thoughts Contest – in third place this year, for her poem titled Black & White is Melanie Sunnerberg. We have featured Ms. Sunnerberg’s artwork in our magazine before, but this will be the first time we’ve seen her written work. Our runner up in the contest, for her essay Loud Colors and Vibrant Voices is Sidra Afzal, whose work appeared in our 2016 edition, and whose poem Verbal Abuse earned our third-place prize in this year’s poetry contest. Ms. Sunnerberg and Ms. Afzal have won a $15 and a $15 discount, respectively, for either the yearbook or the prom.

And our contest’s winner this year is Laura Frustaci for her poem The Only Way to Stay Safe, which she also performed during the semifinals of this year’s Poetry Out Loud competition. Ms. Frustaci has won a $40 Amazon gift card for her poem, and all three authors will be featured in the 2017 edition of Collab. Congratulations, and stay tuned for an update with the winning poem.


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