Final Thoughts Contest

The “Final Thoughts” competition is an annual contest for the best original piece from a member of the senior class. The senior who submits the best short story, poem or essay will be commemorated on a plaque and on our website. The winning entry will also be submitted to the Burlington Union. This contest will carry our largest prize of the year.

* Seniors may submit as many entries as they wish

* Entries are read and judged anonymously by students

* Winning entries will receive a special mention in that year’s edition of Collab

The deadline for the contest is always the Thursday after midterms

Submit your entries to (.doc file preferred – please DO NOT send .pdf files or Google Drive files) or place them in the Submissions Box outside our room. Good Luck!

2016 – Havanah Becker – Painted White (poem)

2015 – Michael Seleman – Unlimited (essay)

2014 – Lena Keown – “Hoboken” (poem)

2013 – Marissa Coté -White Herring (short story)

2012 – Kerri Biagiotti – Needles and Carnations (poem)

2011 – John Romano – Desperate Times (short story)

2010 – Damian Gordon – And the Keychains (short story)

2009 – Kate Doan – Confessions of a Fanatical Romantic (short story)


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