Written Submissions

Deadline for written submissions for the 2017 magazine: TBD – approx. January 2017

We accept all styles of written material: Short fiction, poetry, translations, essays, excerpts from longer pieces

There are three ways to submit original written works to Collab:
1) Email your submission to submit@bhscollab.com (.doc file preferred – please DO NOT send .pdf files or Google Drive files)
2) Place your submission in the box outside the Collab room (room 312) in the English Hall.
3) Give your submission to Mr. Lally directly

SENIORS: You may wish to withhold your best submissions for our annual Final Thoughts contest, which is open exclusively to seniors.

Unless otherwise noted by one of our contests, there are no rigid rules for acceptable length of submitted poems or stories, but be advised that stories exceeding four pages are generally discouraged, as they would take up too much space. Students may submit as many stories, poems or essays as they wish. All submissions are made anonymous for the editors – names are removed to ensure freedom from bias.

Good luck!


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