Contest Winners

2017 Final Thoughts
WINNER: The Only Way to Stay Safe by Laura Frustaci
runner-up: Sidra Afzal
second runner-up: Melanie Sunnerberg

2016 Open Contest
WINNERS: Red Roses by Laura Frustaci
and               Stuff by Tatiana Hawkins

Fall 2016 (Short Fiction)
WINNER: Home by Marin Campbell
runner-up: Cake by Yaju Tuladhar

Fall 2016 (Poetry)
WINNER: Neglect, Regret, and Reflect on the Black Roots by Ama Asamoah
runner-up: Who’s Hatin’ Now? by Benny Grubner
second runner-up: Verbal Abuse by Sidra Afzal

Previous Years’ Winners:


2016 Final Thoughts
WINNER: Painted White by Havanah Becker
runner-up: Lorraine Kanyike
second runner-up: Rebekah Aran

2015 Open Contest
WINNER: So Long and Good Night by Laura Harder
runner-up: Here and Now by Jessica Gavin

Fall 2015 (Short Fiction)
WINNER: Strictly Business by Rebekah Aran
runner-up: The Long and Kind of Tedious Life of Natalie by Laura Harder

Fall 2015 (Poetry)
WINNER: A Letter to Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt by Aysha Afzal
runner-up: Wanting Faith by Crystal Curran
second runner-up: Gossip by Sarah Iler


2015 Final Thoughts
WINNER: Unlimited by Michael Seleman
runner-up: Anjali Seereeram
second runner-up: Rachel Czerwinski

Fall 2014 (Short Fiction)
WINNER: Clueless by Yaju Tuladhar
runner-up: Youth by Anjali Seereeram
second runner-up: Georgie has Fallen by Lorraine Kanyike

Fall 2014 (Poetry)
WINNER: Lonely by Julia Rabazzi
runner-up: The Best of Times by Crystal Curran
second runner-up: Fairy Tale by Rachel Czerwinski


2014 Final Thoughts
WINNER: “Hoboken” by Helena Keown
runner-up: Stephanie Desrochers
second runner-up: Wilson Hoac

2013 Open Contest
HUMOR WRITING WINNER: 9 Ways to Raise an Obedient Dog – by Princess … by Michaela LaPrise
NON-FICTION WINNER: A Cat Among Monkeys by Irina Grigoryeva

Fall 2013 (Short Fiction)
WINNER: Pieces of You by Dora Kadish
runner-up: Color in the Gray by Rachel Czerwinski
second runner-up: Lines and Curves by Becki Krupp

Fall 2013 (Poetry)
WINNER: To the Man I Met on the Bus Last Night by Lena Keown
runner-up: Breaking Free by Jill Daniels
second runner-up: The Time is Gone by Michael Seleman


2013 Final Thoughts
WINNER: White Herring by Marissa Coté
runner-up: Katie Hubbard
second runner-up: Danielle Calder

2012 Open Contest
MICROFICTION WINNER: Compliments from Words by Dora Kadish
POETRY WINNER: Familiar Stranger by Olivia Varghese

Fall 2012 (Short Fiction)
WINNER: Wedding Bells by Samantha Healey
runner-up: Darkest Night by Shauntel Farland
second runner-up: December 26 by Melissa Sahagian

Fall 2012 (Poetry)
WINNER: Ant by Lucas Restivo
runner-up: Wavering by Samantha Healey
second runner-up: Waiting by Kylie Scott


2012 Final Thoughts
WINNER: Needles and Carnations by Kerri Biagiotti (poem)
runner-up: Kristen Cucinotta
second runner-up: Emily Murgo

2011 Open Contest
WINNER: Moldy Oranges by Dora Kadish (poem)

Fall 2011 (Poetry)
WINNER: A Poem About my Father’s Opinion on Opinion by Futaba Shioda
runner-up: Jill Daniels
second runner-up: Rachel Murgo

Fall 2011 (Short Fiction)
WINNER: Careful by Michelle Lee
runner-up: Julia Roberto
second runner-up: Melissa Sahagian


2011 Final Thoughts
WINNER: Desperate Times by John Romano (short story)

2010 Dual Contest
FICTION WINNER: Better Times by Julia Roberto
POETRY WINNER: Dark Nature by Sarah Fleischmann

Fall 2010 (Poetry)
WINNER: Voice of America by Lucas Restivo
runner-up: Samantha Healey
honorable mention: Rachel Murgo

Fall 2010 (Short Fiction)
WINNER:     Peace in a War by Julia Roberto
runner-up: Vikki Alessi
honorable mention: Connor Owens & Marissa Coté


2010 Final Thoughts
WINNER:     And the Keychains by Damian Gordon
runners-up: Angie Moussa and Allison Jacobs
honorable mention: Brian Contreras and Caroline Coe

Fall 2009 (Poetry): The Promise Land by Lucas Restivo
runners-up: Brianna Gainley and Kevin Parker

Fall 2009 (Fiction): Anti-Greeting Card by Sam Goober
runners-up: Catie Riggs and Connor Owens


2009 Final Thoughts:     Confessions of a Fanatical Romantic by Kate Doan
runners-up: Stephanie Chin & Abby Sherburne
honorable mention: Diana Rodriguez & Sam Cummings

Fall 2008 (Poetry): Scene One by Stephanie Chin
runners-up: Deepjyoti Deb & Lucas Restivo

Fall 2008 (Fiction): Tidying Up by Abby Sherburne
runners-up: Kyle Stanley & Micaela Gelormini


Spring 2008: Motif  by Kathleen Hong (poem)
runners-up: Nathan Anecone & Abby Sherburne

Fall 2007: Blank Canvas by Kevin Vibert (short story)
runners-up:  Stephanie Chin, Mary-Alice Perdichizzi & Deepjyoti Deb


Spring 2006: The Higher You Climb by Emma Simmons (essay)
runners-up:  Caitlin Brewer & Greg Nelson


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